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HygroLab-2-HW4 Set

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HygroLab 2 - HW4 Set
Ultra fast water activity measurement of up to 4 product samples simultaneously


PC based system for higher productivity, greater flexibility of use and lower cost per measurement point
  • AwQuick Mode - accelerated water activity measurement: the average time required to measure a product sample can be reduced to less than a minute by running 4 probes simultaneously

  • AwE Mode: conventional water activity measurement with automatic detection of equilibrium and the option to record / graph the data

  • Manual capture of the end values to a text file to facilitate record keeping. Product description, probe identification, date and time can be part of each record.   

  • Includes 2 sizes of sample holders and disposable sample cups, humidity calibration standards, etc.

  • HygroLab 2 indicator accepts a large choice of probes, suitable for the direct measurement of products in bulk and other applications.

HW4 water activity software

System requirements

PC Pentium III, 2 GHz or better
Operating software Windows XP with service pack 2 or Vista
Memory 512 MB (Windows XP) or 2 GB (Vista)
Disk Space 50 MB
Monitor VGA or Super VGA
Resolution 1280 x 1024 recommended (1024 x 768 minimum)
High Color 16 Bit or better (256 color minimum)
Connection RS-232 (serial port) or USB (with USB to RS-232 converter - not supplied)
Software HW4 and .Net Framework version 2 or 3




The HygroLab 2 Set consists of the following:

  • HygroLab 2 indicator

  • AC adapter (115 VAC / 12 VDC)

  • AW-DIO probe for the measurement of product samples

  • WP14 sample holder (shallow)

  • PS14: pack of 100 disposable sample cups (14mm deep)

  • WP40 sample holder (deep)

  • PS40: pack of 100 disposable sample cups (40mm deep)

  • 1 box each EA00 (0 %RH), EA10 (10 %RH), EA35 (35 %RH), EA80 (80%RH) and EA95 (95%RH) humidity calibration standards

  • HW4 software on a CD

  • RS232 cable for connection to the COM port of a PC

HW4 is a software package developed by ROTRONIC.
HW4 is shipped on a CD ROM and requires a PC with the Microsoft Windows XP or Vista operating system and the Microsoft .Net 2 or 3 framework.
Access to the water activity functions of
HW4 requires a product key (access code) that is sold as part of this set.

Connect up to 4 probes
to the HygroLab 2 indicator.
Use a standard serial cable to connect the RS232 port of the HygroLab to the COM port of a PC (or laptop).
Install the .Net framework and the HW4 software on the PC (both included on the CD) , enter the product key and you are ready to go.





Efficient and Simple to Use:

1) Select the measuring mode on the PC: AwQuick (accelerated) or AwE (conventional)

2) Place a product sample inside the sample
    holder and put the probe on top of the sample


3) Start measuring a probe by clicking with the mouse on the corresponding box in the input column.
A check mark appears in the box, indicating that the measurement has begun.
Several probes can be measured at the same time. 

4) When the measurement is ended (in typically 5 minutes), the results appear on a green background.

5) Click with the mouse on "Generate Report" to capture the results to a text file such as the one below.
This file is protected by an authentication stamp and is automatically archived to the PC.

6) Click with the mouse on "File" (menu bar) and select "Sign Document"

7) Enter your password (for identification purposes) and a description of the samples that have just been measured

8) Click on "Sign". The following text lines are added to the file and the file is ready to be printed.

9) Click with the mouse on the input box corresponding to each probe that has just been measured . The check
    mark disappears indicating that the probe is ready for the next measurement.