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HygroLab 3 Set

HygroLab 3 Set
Ultra fast water activity measurement of up to 4 product samples simultaneously

  • AwQuick Mode - accelerated water activity measurement in typically 5 minutes

  • AwE Mode: conventional water activity measurement with automatic detection of equilibrium.

  • Includes 2 sizes of sample holders and disposable sample cups, humidity calibration standards, etc.

  • Stand alone system for bench top use.

  • Compatible with the HW4 software for the capture of end values, live graph, data logging, etc.

  • HygroLab 3 indicator accepts a large choice of probes, suitable for the direct measurement of products in bulk and

  • other applications.



The HygroLab 3 Set consists of the following:

  • HygroLab 3 indicator

  • AW-DIO probe for the measurement of product samples

  • WP14 sample holder (shallow)

  • PS14: pack of 100 sample cups, 14mm deep

  • WP40 sample holder, 40 (deep)

  • PS40: pack of 100 disposable sample cups (40mm deep)

  • 1 box each EA00 (0 %RH), EA10 (10 %RH), EA35 (35 %RH), EA80 (80%RH) and EA95 (95%RH) humidity calibration standards

  • HW4 software on a CD

  • RS232 cable for connection to the COM port of a PC

    The HygroLab 3 is a table top water activity indicator with 4 probe inputs.
    It features three operating modes:

    • AwQuick: accelerated water activity measurement with automatic end of measurement.

    • AwE: conventional water activity measurement with automatic detection of equilibrium and automatic end of measurement.

    • Standard: water activity and temperature measurement, limited to just indicating the values and the trend of the values.

    Up to 4 probes can be run simultaneously in the same mode.
    The HygroLab 3 is compatible with all the models of HygroClip probes to permit the direct measurement of products in bulk and quality control of packaging materials.

    The probes used with the HygroLab 3 indicator can be calibrated and adjusted at one or more points, directly from the instrument keypad.
    Reference humidity values are provided by using the
    ROTRONIC certified humidity standards.

    When installed on a PC (Windows XP or Vista required), the
    HW4 software offers additional functions such as the automatic capture of end values, as well as data logging and a live graph.


The HygroLab 3 Set is simple to use:

1) From the keypad of the HygroLab 3, use the MENU key to select the measuring mode.
    Note: the
HygroLab automatically remembers the last selected mode.

2) During measurements, all probes connected to the instrument run simultaneously.
To avoid any confusion, turn off any unused
AW-DIO probe, by pressing on the button located on top of the probe.
Other probe models: disconnect the unused probes.

3) Place a product sample inside the sample holder.
Put the probe on top of the sample  holder.


4) AwQuick or AwE mode: start the measurement by pressing on the ENTER key on the keypad of the HygroLab 3

    Example: on the bottom line of the display, the AwQuick mode is indicated by the letter Q, followed by the number 1 (for probe 1), the time into the measurement and the letter R for process is running.

5) When the measurement is ended, the display freezes and the instrument beeps.
Two black rectangles appear to the left of the values and the letter
S (bottom right) indicates that the process has stopped.

    If more than one probe is connected to the HygroLab 3, the display automatically switches to each probe as soon as it is done.
    The small black triangle at the top of the display indicates which probe is being displayed. 

6) When all probes are done, press the ENTER key to clear the display and to be ready for the next round of measurements.


standard probe: included in set

HygroClip AW-DIO
for measurement of product samples

Requires use of a sample holder and disposable sample cups included in set.
Go to
Probe Accessories here below.

Note: additional probes, sample holders and disposable cups can be ordered as a AW-DIO probe set.

Additional probes to order separately

HygroClip HP28 insertion probe
for the direct measurement of materials in bulk: powders, granules, grain and seeds max. 85ºC, sintered steel filter,
tube length: 280mm, Ø: 10mm, cable: 2m

HygroClip SC05
for measurement in tight spaces such as inside a product package, max. 100ºC, Ø: 5mm, cable: 2m

HygroClip HS28 sword probe
for measurement of packaging materials such as paper or cardboard stacks/rolls,
max. 85ºC, blade length: 280mm, width: 18mm, thickness: 4mm, cable: 2m

Probe Accessories

Sample holders and disposable cups
for use with the
AW-DIO probe

  • WP14 sample holder (shallow)

  • WP40 sample holder (deep): for chunky products

  • PS14: pk of 100 disposable cups for use with the WP14 holder

  • PS40: pk of 100 disposable cups for use with the WP40 holder

Note: all of the above is included in the HygroLab 3 set

AW-KHS sealing clamp
for use with the
AW-DIO probe

For long term measurements, the
AW-KHS sealing clamp is required to prevent external conditions from influencing the sample. Compatible with all models of sample holder.

Humidity standards

for use with all probes

ROTRONIC certified humidity standards provide a reference value against which probes can be calibrated.
They are supplied in packs of five, complete with a certificate.
With the
AW-DIO probe, place the humidity standard in a sample cup, inside the sample holder.
For other probes, a calibration device is required.

EAxx, where xx = 0, 5, 10, 20, 35, 50, 65, 80 or 95 %RH

The EA35 and EA80 are included in the HygroPalm AW1 set.

Calibration devices

These are small containers that hold the humidity standard and
provide a sealed environment after being fit tightly on the tip of the probe.

EGL: HP28 -anturille
ER-05: SC05 -anturille
EGS: HS28 -anturille