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ROTRONIC sivu kaksi

Rotronic-katalogi 2009 - 2010


UUTUUS! Edullinen* kosteus- ja homevahti

 * katso


ROTRONIC:n Uusi kosteusvahti LED-vilkuilla,
estää homeen ennen kuin se syntyy!


Varoitusvilkkujen sanomat:

LEDit Vilkkuvat värit Kosteus Homeen kasvu Vastatoiminta
Vihreä <70%RH Ei ole mahdollinen Tarpeeton
Keltainen 70 - 80%RH Kriittinen alue Tuulettaminen
Punainen 80 - 100%RH Mahdollinen Tuulettaminen
• • Kaksi punaista 90 - 100%RH Korkea todennäköisyys Tuulettaminen

HW3 Software

HW3 is a software package designed for the HygroClip product line.

HW3 features data acquisition, recording, graphing and alarm functions, calculation of various humidity parameters (both on-line and off-line) as well as instrument configuration and probe calibration.

When used with the HygroPalm, HW3 offers the following functions:


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Sveitsissä Saksassa Ranskassa Englannissa ja USA:ssa

Humidity and temperature measuring instruments based  on the very latest digital technology.

red_button.gif (982 bytes) HygroClip: how it works

HygroClip S plug-in probe


ROTRONIC uses the HygroClip digital technology both in humidity instruments with a fixed (non-removable) probe and in plug-in (removable) probes.

Products based on the
HygroClip technology include two main subsystems:

· ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit): a custom designed chip that measures both the capacitive humidity sensor and the Pt100 RTD and converts the measurements into digital counts.
The ASIC includes two D/A converters to convert the data from the micro controller into analog output signals *.
The ASIC also regulates all supply voltages and generates the reset and clock signals for the micro controller.

* Plug-in probes: analog output signals are provided only with the
HygroClip S and S3 probes.
All other 
HygroClip plug-in probes are strictly digital.

Micro controller / EEPROM: uses the digital counts generated by the ASIC to compute the value of humidity and temperature and returns the data to the ASIC (analog outputs).

The micro controller also sends data to, or receives data from, the digital input / output (DIO).
Calibration, linearization, temperature compensation and other sensor data are memorized in the EEPROM.


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HygroGen : humidity temperature generator

The HygroGen is a humidity-temperature generator primarily designed for the calibration of humidity instrumentation.

It is completely self-contained, requiring no external resources except mains power, and is light enough to be portable for use on-site.

  • Suitable for all types of humidity-temperature probes

  • Fast equilibrium to move from one condition to another

  • Generates an extremely stable humidity and temperature environment

  • Smart chamber design minimizes temperature and humidity gradients

  • Range: 5 to 50°C and 5 to 95 %RH

  • Chamber accepts up to five probes

  • Data loggers can be inserted in the chamber

  • Available with different models of chamber door

  • Stainless steel enclosure


red_button.gif (982 bytes)
HygroLog NT: humidity temperature data logger

HL-NT humidity, dew point and temperature data logger
HygroLog HL-NT: Kosteus-lämpötilaloggri

This advanced data logger features up to 7 probe inputs, can be networked and complies with FDA CFR Part II.

  • Relative humidity, temperature, dew point or other calculated parameter

  • Measuring range: 0..100%RH and -50..200°C with external probe
  • Internal humidity-temperature probe designed to prevent unauthorized removal
  • Monitoring of up to two external contacts (door, relay contact, etc.)
  • Large recording capacity with removable flash memory card
  • Data download without interrupting the measurements
  • Full featured, windows based software



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HygroPalm 0 : portable indicator (with integral probe)

This indicator has an integral, non-removable probe.
Special price: 240.00

  • Leading HygroClip digital technology
  • Relative humidity, temperature, dew point and wet bulb
  • Measuring range 0...100 %RH and -10...60°C
  • Accuracy: ± 2.0% RH and ± 0.3°C
  • Long term stability of better than 1% RH per year
  • 1-point probe adjustment directly from keypad




red_button.gif (982 bytes) Humidity Temperature Indicators and Probes
From measurement in ambient air to measurement in materials.


HygroPalm: portable indicator (with calibrator function)

HygroLab: bench-top indicator (multi-channel, networkable)

These indicators display relative humidity, dew point (and other computed parameters) as well as temperature.

Available with a large choice of HygroClip probes for maximum flexibility of use.

Optional software to display or log data on a PC and to compute various humidity parameters, either on-line or off-line.



A1H: for measurement in air
S1: for the measurement of paper stacks and rolls
M1: for the measurement of materials in bulk

These compact portable indicators have an integral swivel probe that can be folded under the instrument when not in use.

Simultaneous display of relative humidity and temperature. 

Available as a set (with carrying case and calibration accessories) or as instrument alone

red_button.gif (982 bytes)Rotronic Hygromer™ C94 Sensor
red_button.gif (982 bytes) ROTRONIC

Magnified View

There is a difference in humidity sensors!

Don't make the mistake of assuming that all relative humidity sensors perform the same.

Developed by
Rotronic, the Hygromer C94 sensor is the result of many years of experience in humidity measurement and is uniquely different.

Hygromer C94 is a thin film capacitive sensor with unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and durability even under extreme climatic conditions and severe pollution.

Special formulation of the dielectric polymer that is at the core of the sensor, careful selection of all other materials used in the sensor, and tight manufacturing standards contribute all to make the
Hygromer sensor superior:

  • Average life time well in excess of 10 years.
  • Each sensor is covered by a 3-year warranty.
  • Very stable: operates practically maintenance free.
  • With long intervals of time in between calibrations.
  • Accurate to ±1%RH or better from 0 to 100%RH at 18 to 28°C.
  • Recovers faster and exhibits less calibration shift than other sensors.
  • Recovers faster after exposure to high humidity over long periods of time.
  • Survives long term exposure to temperatures of up to 200°C.
  • There is no known limit for temperatures below freezing.

 Handheld Temperature, Humidity and DP


Probes * Humidity, Temperature 

Transmitters *


Rotronic -toinen sivu

The HygroClip probes feature advanced digital sensor linearization and sensor temperature compensation to maintain measurement accuracy over a broad range of conditions.

HygroPalm Models

Which HygroPalm is right for you?

HygroPalm 1 Key Features

• Portable indicator for %RH, temperature
• Display of dew-point or wet-bulb
• Indicator can be used to display transmitter readings
• 1-point probe adjustment directly from keypad

HygroPalm 2
Key Features

• All the features of HygroPalm 1
+ Full range of psychrometric calculations
+ Multipoint probe calibration directly from keypad
+ RS232 PC interface for data logging
+ Second input for digital probe or connection to a transmitter
+ 1-point adjustment of a transmitter against HygroPalm probe


HygroPalm 3 Key Features

• All the features of HygroPalm 2
+ Full transmitter calibration functions
+ Universal probe input for pressure, air-flow etc
+ Dynamic pressure compensation of calculated parameter



Using the HygroPalm as a calibrator for the HygroFlex transmitters:

Each HygroFlex Transmitter has a test connector, located at the bottom of the transmitter.

HygroPalm 1:
remove the probe from the HygroPalm and replace it with cable #AC1621.

Connect the other end of the cable to the test connector of the transmitter. You can now read the transmitter signals without interrupting its operation.

HygroPalm 2
and HygroPalm 3: connect cable #AC1620 to the second probe input of the HygroPalm.

This lets you still use the probe connected to the first probe input.

In addition to reading the transmitter signals, you can also do a 1-point adjustment of  the probe of the transmitter against the probe of the HygroPalm.

HygroPalm Probe Options

HygroClip S

HygroClip S

for measurement in air, max. 85ºC, wire mesh filter, length: 100mm ,
Ø: 15mm

HygroClip SP05

for measurement in air ducts, max. 85ºC, tube length: 200mm ,
Ø: 5mm, cable: 2m

HygroClip SC05

HygroClip SC05

for measurement in tight spaces, max. 100ºC diameter: 5mm , cable: 2m

HygroClip HK25 / HK40

HygroClip HK25 / HK40

air probe for measurement at high temperature, HK25: max. 150ºC  / HK40: max. 200ºC,
wire mesh filter, tube length: HK25: 250 / HK40: 400mm,
Ø: 15mm, cable: 2m

HygroClip HP28 tubular probe

HygroClip HP28 insertion probe

for measurement of materials in bulk, max. 85ºC, sintered steel filter, tube length: 280mm,
Ø: 10mm, cable: 2m

HygroClip HS28 sword probe

HygroClip HS28 sword probe

for measurement of paper stacks/rolls, max. 85ºC, blade length: 280, w: 18mm, th.: 4mm,
cable: 2m




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• Log interval adjustable from a few seconds to several hours
• Size of log file can be limited based on the number of samples or a new file
  can be automatically started each hour, day or month
• Display or print-out of the data in tabular format
• File data can be transferred to HW3 graphic module or to Microsoft's Excel
Graph Graphs

• online (live graph) or offline (based on a log file)
• can display calculated values: dew-point, mixing, ratio etc.
Alarm Function Alarm function

• Monitors relative humidity and / or temperature
• Acoustic and / or visual signal directly on PC
• Remote alarm by email (requires Microsoft's Outlook)

Hygroline adjust

Probe Calibration (HygroClip probes)

• Humidity: up to 4 points, Temperature: 2 points
• 1-point adjustment function (offset)
• Automatic temperature correction of the ROTRONIC humidity standards
• certificate can be generated

Key Features

On-Screen Display

• On-line presentation of the data in tabular form 
• Measured and calculated values
• Access to instrument configuration and probe calibration

System Requirements


Pentium 233 MHz or better
Windows 95, 98, Me or NT, 2000
Memory 32 MB or better
Disk Space 20 MB
Monitor VGA or SuperVGA
Resolution 1024 x 768 recommended (800 x 600 minimum)
High Color 16 Bit or better (256 color minimum)
Connection RS232 (COM 1 - 4)
Software HW3 (includes Browser, Adobe Acrobat Reader)



HygroGen Humidity Generator for the  Calibration of Humidity Probes

The HygroGen humidity generator is designed for the calibration of relative humidity probes. This portable humidity generator is completely self-contained, requiring no external resources except mains power, and is light enough for use on-site.


  • Suitable for calibrating all types of humidity-temperature probes
  • Fast equilibrium: typically less than 15 min. to move from one condition to another
  • Generates an extremely stable humidity and temperature environment
  • Smart chamber design minimizes temperature and humidity gradients
  • Range: 5 to 50°C and 5 to 95 %RH
  • Chamber accepts up to five probes
  • Data loggers can be inserted in the chamber
  • Available with different models of chamber door
  • Stainless steel enclosure facilitates cleaning in pharmaceutical and food applications  



    The HygroGen humidity temperature generator uses a mixed flow method for generating the humidity (%RH) required by the user. A desiccant cartridge provides low humidity, a saturator high humidity, and a control system mixes these together to create a constant environment within a well insulated chamber. Temperature is controlled with a Peltier thermoelectric heat pump. Set points are easily adjusted using the front panel controller keypad, or via the RS-232 interface using a PC and optional controller software.

    The HygroGen uses a high performance controller to achieve both exceptional stability and rapid stabilization when moving from one condition to another. Smart chamber design, combined with a high rate of air flow, contributes to minimizing humidity and temperature gradients inside the chamber, and to shielding the chamber from the outside environment.

    For the purpose of controlling conditions inside the chamber, humidity is measured with a HygroClip S digital probe and temperature with a separate Pt100 RTD. Depending on the model of HygroGen, the reference humidity and temperature used to calibrate humidity instrumentation is usually provided by another set of probes and instruments
    calibration traceability).
    Key Features
    1 Dryer cell - removable cartridge filled with a molecular sieve desiccant (can be regenerated)
    2 Distilled water tank. Fill or empty by inserting the dosing syringe in the access port located on the front of the unit
    3 Multi-loop controller especially configured and tuned for the HygroGen
    4 Internal chamber designed to provide a stable calibration environment with minimal temperature gradients.
    5 Chamber door - different models available
    6 Stainless steel enclosure - facilitates cleaning


  • HygroGen

    HygroGen 1

    Basic humidity-temperature generator.

    The humidity and temperature reference instrument is either an SCS certified HygroClip S probe or a customer supplied probe inserted through the HygroGen door. 

    Hygrogen 2:

    Humidity-temperature generator with integrated pump for a sampling loop used to connect a user supplied condensation hygrometer (humidity reference). A reference thermometer should be inserted through the HygroGen door.


    Calibration Traceability

    Calibration of ROTRONIC probes: using the HygroGen, a 2-point temperature adjustment of the ROTRONIC humidity-temperature probes should be done at 20°C and 45°C.

    Humidity adjustments should be carried out at 35, 80 and 5 or 10%RH, all at 20°C.

    Obviously, the HygroGen can also be used to calibrate non-ROTRONIC humidity instrumentation.

    Humidity and temperature reference:

    Preferably, the temperature reference should be provided by a certified precision PRT inserted through the chamber at the same immersion depth as the probes to be calibrated.

    As an alternative, an SCS certified HygroClip S may be plugged into one of the two spare MOC connectors inside the chamber. We do not recommend using the control Pt100 RTD as the temperature reference.

    Depending on the model of HygroGen, the following alternatives are available regarding the humidity reference:

    HygroGen 1: use a set of SCS certified HygroClip probes, inserted one at a time through the chamber door at the same depth as the probes to be calibrated.

    To avoid sensor hysteresis and loss of accuracy, each probe of the reference set should be used exclusively at a defined humidity value (example: 10, 35 and 80%RH for 3 probes).

    When not in use, the probes should always be stored in a dry environment.

    We do not recommend using the control HygroClip S as the humidity reference.

    HygroGen2: use a certified condensation hygrometer connected to the HygroGen (this model has an internal air pump to circulate air through an external sampling loop).


    Limitations of humidity sensors based on a polymer:

    When the humidity reference is provided by a probe with a polymer sensor, the user should beware of so-called sensor hysteresis.
    Sensor hysteresis occurs when a polymer sensor is exposed to humidity above 50 to 60 %RH and results in a temporary positive calibration shift when the sensor is returned to lower humidity.
    The magnitude of the calibration shift depends on the maximum humidity to which the probe was exposed, on the duration of the exposure and on the make of sensor.


    Control range maximum 5...95%RH and 5...50°C
    Control range minimum 10...90%RH over the range of 10...50°C
    Humidity control stability
    (peak to peak)
    0.02%RH at 5%RH to 0.35%RH at 95%RH and 20°C
    0.11 %RH at 15 %RH and 45°C
    0.50 %RH at 10%RH to 0.35%RH at 90 %RH and 5°C
    Temperature control stability
    (peak to peak)
    0.03°C or better from 5 to 45°C (at any humidity value)
    Temperature gradient limit 1 0.10°C or better from 20°C to 45°C and 15 %RH to 80 %RH
    Humidity gradient limit 1, 2 0.2 %RH or better from 5 to 80%RH
    1.7 %RH or better at 95 %RH
    Time to set point 35 to 80 %RH change at 20°C: 5 minutes or better
    20 to 45°C change: 20 minutes or better
    Temperature control probe Pt100 RTD 1/3 Class B, directly wired to controller
    Humidity control probe ROTRONIC HygroClip S
    Chamber volume 2 liters / 122 cu ft
    Overall dimensions 455 x 420 x 212 mm / 17.92 x 16.54 x 8.35" 
    Weight 17 kg / 37.5 lb
    Power 110-230 VAC 3A  50-60Hz  Class I

    1 at a probe immersion depth of 120 mm, measured from the back of the door
    2 at 20°C

    HygroGen Humidity Temperature Map

    1:   Range of operation

    2:   Hatched regions indicate conditions when condensation can be expected in the chamber.


    Data Sheet

    Product Manual

    Uncertainty Analysis


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