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Huomioi! FATTORE Vitale & Co.
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Huomioi! FATTORE Vitale & Co.
 toimi kuluttajamarkkinoilla.

1983 - 2013


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Rotronic products help producing Cheese

The conditions during the maturing process play an essential role in the quality  and weight of the cheese.

The pre-maturing cellars are controlled to 92…93 %rh at 10…12 °C. It is imperative that the cheeses remain within an environment of 85...95 %rh to ensure optimal maturation.

To control these conditions, the Jura Courlaoux  cheese dairy is using Rotronic humidity and temperature transmitters.

Jura Courlaoux  transforms 17 million litres of milk into 1600 tons of cheese per year!

Storage conditions monitored by Rotronic transmitters

For many years the factory has used Rotronic FT transmitters, and recently these have been upgraded to the latest M2 series with interchangeable HygroClip-S probes.

Their improved performance provides a better measurement accuracy of ±1.5 %rh and ±0.3 °C, and an improved IP65 enclosure gives better protection to the electronics in extreme conditions.

Of greater benefit in this application is the flexibility of maintenance options that the M2 series provides.

Interchangeable probes reduce maintenance cost
Interchangeable probes and digital technology allow the Jura Courlaoux to carry out a more rigorous maintenance schedule to achieve best possible measurement results, but without increased costs.

A HygroPalm 3 handheld instrument is used to carry out calibration checks, and when necessary used to make adjustments at one or multiple points of temperature and humidity.

The HygroPalm 3 handheld instrument/calibrator is also used by Jura Courlaoux to spot check the absolute humidity.

This information allows him to make sure that the conditions in each area are comparable.

The combination of the M2 series and the HygroPalm gives Jura Courlaoux the tools to ensure that humidity control can have the best possible impact on the quality of the cheese.